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REACT has changed my life! I was one of the lucky few who got the opportunity to be at the very first REACT event in February 2014 and I have been to every event they have held here in Florida. I believe you must be willing to adapt in order to survive in this business and one of my favorite things about going to the REACT events is that Jon and Stephanie adapt the REACT techniques to what is working NOW and not just what used to work 3 months ago. No matter how many times I have gone, I always learn at least 1 new thing while I’m there. In the past two months I have closed on two of my deals and made almost $15,000 while only spending about 10 hours between the two deals. Did I mention that I have a full time job and do this in my spare time? I have several more contracts including a contract we just picked up the other day. As a Real Estate Investor, I believe that these trainings are crucial to my success. REACT has helped me achieve my goals, and in my opinion, continues to be the best way to make money in today’s Real Estate Market. John S. Creative Home Solutions
This letter is to thank Steph and Jon Iannotti for their help and support. I feel as if I am a fairly experienced real estate investor having completed over 200 transactions in my career. Jon recently helped me put together an owner financing technique that I had never thought of. The result was, I acquired a little 2 bedroom home for $8k through a short sale and was able to turn it into over $400 a month positive cash flow that is set to continue for the next 6 years. The coolest part about the deal is, I was able to offer a great opportunity to the buyer, that they could not find elsewhere. They were elated to not have to qualify at the bank to buy the property and to get a 0% interest loan on top of that. Total profit in the deal will be over $20k. Thank you Jon for not only showing me a technique that is filling my pockets, but more importantly, showing me how to help out a young couple to buy their first home. My buyers are appreciative as well. Passive Cash Flow, Is the way to go! Jeff D. Assertive Acquistions Jacksonville, FL

I have known Jon and Stephanie Iannotti for about 3 years now. When they started the Florida Gulf Coast REIA in Ft. Meyers they invited me to join. I am so glad I did..It was at that event that they announced they were bringing REACT.. to Market. . I loved their ACTS program, and as Jon always says the Real Estate market is always changing...Thus REACT was born. With in the first few month's of the purchase of REACT... I had my first closing using REACT and at closing I received a check for $9,849.99 I was delighted. I would encourage every Real Estate Investor to "invest in REACT."...You will be glad you did. Barry W., Sarasota Fl.WOW! Where have the Iannotti’s been all my life?! I’ve invested in other educational Real Estate Programs over the years and none have been so simple. I can’t wait to get back to our old leads and make some deals that will work in today’s market. Thank you!! All the Best, Kristen S.

This event was very good, Jon and Steph took their time to explain and answer any questions, walked thru several leads by calling them to show us all how simple this is to do. Also gave us a lot of resources to help us be successful. I wish we would have taken this training before we spend $35,000 on another course. Thank you Jon and Steph!! -Ray V.

This event was very informational and an eye opening experience. It puts a different spin on everything I have learned in the past about Real Estate. This was a great time! In closing, Jon and Stephanie Iannotti are the Real Deal. They are great people and are approachable. Dave and Lora K.

I feel the info with the presentation makes this event the best one day event I’ve ever attended. The one day stands out as better than some multi-day events I’ve attended. The resources provided are also top notch! Their “hands on” experience translates to what looks to be very workable in today’s RE world. -Matt W.

Jon Iannotti is even smarter at Real Estate Investing than Ron LeGrand! I appreciate that the Iannotti’s take time to teach us when they could be making more money spending their time doing deals. -Chris M.

I feel like I can now do more deals. REACT seems like it is worth $1000+ The Iannotti’s are great speakers and kept me well informed. REACT is GREAT! I will tell my friends to take this class. -Ross V.

This is time very well spent and the information is straight forward and easy to follow! As a Realtor I’m always looking for ways to see what works for different properties and buyers and sellers in changing markets. It is fantastic to have instructors that have done deals and still do. -Bill H.

Jon and Stephanie are some of the greatest, most kind hearted people I know. This information about REACT is priceless & I am grateful to be a part of it during it’s conception, and to have been given this opportunity. Jon and Stephanie did a fantastic job with the entire event and are always so concerned with making sure we are all comfortable and are getting the most out of the event. -John S.

Excellent value for complete A-Z course on seller/buyer negotiation coupled with the business resources/vendors to give you control of you time! -Victor W.

It was comprehensive and easy for beginners to understand. -Susan C.

Very useful tools and good info. -Eric R.

A lot of information presented in a short amount of time. I picked up 4 or 5 very significant key items which will factor significantly in my future deals. Presented with simplicity in mind. I liked the emphasis on “What to say” and “What not to say.” The “REAL” telephone interview scenarios are very powerful -Tim P.

The information and strategy I learned from this event is against the grain of everything I’ve ever learned thus far as becoming an investor. So far I’ve been making offers based on the 65-70% ARV & I haven’t done any deals. Utilizing this strategy I am confident that I will put my RE Investing career on the fast track. Thank you Jon and Stephanie for sharing your knowledge and experience. -Mark A.

This is the best, most ever, very comprehensive information we have received to help us understand this business. We are excited to move forward, help people and close deals. Amazing, Wonderful, Fantastic!!!! -Eileen V.

FGCREIA is the place to be for first class, up to date information and Top talent. -Martin B.

I have mentored with Jon and Steph. They are wonderful to work with. Very creative! They have helped me make a lot of money. Their material is the Best! Bottom line, Listen to them, and do what they tell you to do, or as Nike says; JUST DO IT! Thanks Jon and Steph!! -Barry W.

I love the Iannotti’s genuine personalities. It’s so refreshing in this age of auto-gurus where new investors sell programs that aren’t tested. We’ve already been using most of the techniques successfully, so I know REACT works! -Heather O.
Awesome information no one else is teaching and doing. -Jessica T.

With 10 years in Real Estate you see a lot and a lot of nonsense. I met Jon and Stephanie almost 3 years ago and was impressed by their honesty and willingness to help others. Notice when you talk with them how they look you in the eye, try that with others and see what you get. It’s a pleasure to know them and I wish them well. -Papa John S.

This course was taught by a couple who are doing what they teach – they are walking their talk! Course not only teachs what to do, but step-by-step how to close a deal. Also provides a lot of information on setting up and running your business day to day. Class included live calls to sellers to close on a sales agreement. Nothing teaches like live calls. -Ron K.

This is my first seminar (workshop) conducted by Stephanie and Jon. I found it to be a good value and had sufficient content. I would recommend to others and look forward to their next seminar. -John A.

The REACT training was presented in a clear way for those with experience and those without. I really appreciated that they took the time to answer our questions throughout the day. Jon and Stephanie have a wealth of knowledge to share and they do it so willingly. I am so glad that I decided to attend. -Nancy D.

You have got me…..! I’m sold this is the best approach I have seen to do deals. -Everett M.

This training was Fantastic! A lot of great info gleamed and now I have a cutting edge technique to use going forward. Thank you Jon and Steph for giving this training!! -Aaron S.

Jon & Stephanie helped us put together a deal. All we have to do is take the contract out to the seller. Who thought it could be this easy! -Katrina V.

This is all new information for me. I find it exciting as well as challenging. I do appreciate the opportunity to learn from Jon and Stephanie and am very optimistic I will be successful with their program. -Lynne P.

The live call demonstration was worth the price of admission! -Lisa P.

Very informative, cutting edge knowledge! -Vito K.

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